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Sandworm, and its documentation, are a work in progress.

Sandworm is a Grasshopper plug-in that helps bridge between analog and digital modelling of landscapes. It enables an ‘augmented reality sandbox’ or ‘tangible table’ setup and ensures that this modelling environment is fast, feature-rich, customisable, and extensible.


Download and Installation

A gha file and Yak package will be provided when Sandworm is officially released. Until then, Sandworm can be tested by downloading our repository and building the plugin using Visual Studio on Windows.

To use Sandworm you will need a copy of Rhino 6, a Kinect for Windows v2 and have installed the Kinect for Windows Runtime 2.0.

Contributors and License

Sandworm includes contributions from Philip Belesky, Kane Borg, Mariusz Hermansdorfer, and Sergio Pedri. It is open source and developed on GitHub.

Sandworm, and its documentation, are provided under the terms of the MIT License.

TODO: Copyright & license details